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Stoll exports its products to more than 50 Air Jet Reeds

By reducing the system distance to 5.H. Its brand portfolio includes flat knitting machines and pattern software that are used to produce fashion and technical textiles. KG, with headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of flat knitting machines.2, E5 and E7, the new model is designed to enable sophisticated colour and pattern designs, allowing more room for creativity and the chance to react quickly to trends.With 24 independent yarn carriers and three systems in gauges E2,

.Based on the successful ADF technology, the ADF 530-24 is said to offer a high degree of flexibility, which is due to the...

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The company says its receives accolades from its customers

Full capacityWhen Knitting Industry spoke to Lonati at the end of May this year, the company was working flat out at full capacity and producing 33 machines per day on average, with lead times running at 5-6 months.

The company is currently attempting to increase its capacity and its top socks and hosiery machine markets worldwide are currently Turkey, China, USA, Pakistan, Japan and Russia. It has stitch cams with independent stepper motors and mechanical takedown.With the demise of the women’s hosiery market in recent years, Lonati’s best-selling machines is now the GOAL GK616F S-by-S, 3 ¾” diameter, 6 colour, single...

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